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Many of us are feeling incompleteness at the soul level and experiencing the urgent need to restore the feminine part of our souls. But this missing part cannot be found by looking outside the self, by seeking love from another, whether, romantic, familial, or spiritual. Nor can it be found by replacing masculine energy with feminine. The lack we feel can only be healed by rediscovering Divine Love, the union of Feminine and Masculine, within each of us and activating our memories of who we truly are. Leading you on a step-by-step initiatory journey, Adele Venneri reveals how Mary Magdalene, or Myriam, is not a biblical myth, but an ancient frequency of the soul. She explains how she awakened to Myriam and was transformed from seeking outward love, which only led to suffering, to realizing that true love, true self, comes from within. Through ancestral knowledge, embedded with the frequency of Myriam, the author shows you how to stop judging and forgive yourself, reunite your feminine and your masculine, merge your light body into the physical body, and rediscover your complete soul by embodying the Magdalene frequency. She reveals new Akashic rooms where you can become aware of your multidimensionality, learn to create your own reality, and connect with Myriam and feminine and masculine archetypes. Revealing how to become the love you are rather than the love you seek, how to take on the responsibility for being the Creator of your own life, this alchemical text will transform you through the Magdalene Frequency and teach you at the soul level that you are worthy, you are joy, you are what you have always sought.

Il Codice dell’Origine

Maria Maddalena non è la prostituta. Giuda non è il traditore. La chiave di Pietro non è quella del Paradiso. L’umano non è il dormiente come il potere crede. La croce è stata capovolta come capovolta è stata la verità. Che fare? Combattere? No, non serve. Urge incontrarsi, non scontrarsi. Urge prendere consapevolezza che il percorso per la conoscenza di sé non è nelle risposte che l’umano ha sempre cercato fuori, ma nelle domande che non si è mai posto dentro di sè.

La Nuova Coscienza di Maria Maddalena

Questo libro parla di Maria Maddalena, non soltanto come figura storica, ma come essenza vitale, utile ed essenziale all’integrazione della coscienza. È un viaggio iniziatico che, stanza dopo stanza, ti conduce a TE. La Nuova Coscienza di Maria Maddalena non è soltanto il titolo del libro che hai tra le mani, ma è la Nuova Coscienza di Maria Maddalena che, attraverso il fenomeno della risonanza, ti ricorda chi Sei... Ciò che è vero, ti risuona. Ciò che è vero è già dentro di Te. Basta solo ricordare…


From the Greek “scholé”, the word school originally means “free time” or rather the creative space in which to bring out one’s intellectual, soul and physical resources.

da Maddalena a Venere (Italian)

20-24th July 2024 
Rennes-le-Château - France

The Magdalene Frequency

New book of the author
Inner Traditions - USA

you are what you have always sought


As an anthropologist, passionate about the sacred feminine, I had investigated this topic for years looking for answers outside me. This book, on the other hand, invited me to search for answers within myself where my truth lies. It is a book that speaks to me about myself, directly to my heart with a simple yet powerful language. I am honored to have had the opportunity to translate Adele Venneri’s book, which in reality is much more than a book. It is a portal that has offered me the most fabulous journey of my life, going deeper to the center of myself and to connect intimately with my soul. It is a great gift the author gives to humanity, it is the key to find the way home, for those who are ready and to choose to do so and vibrate with the frequency of love and the origin. I do not have words to thank Adele Venneri, except what I know best: it touches the heart in a very simple and natural way, through a deep embrace and looking into each other’s eyes. In her mirror I recognized my soul, and I am forever grateful.
Susanna Memoli
Anthropologist, Translator and Researcher Bellinzona, Switzerland
Adele Venneri has journeyed here at “Les Marguerites” a number of times over the years, her groups are always wonderful, they are very well organised, any requirements or special requests are passed onto me by her team, which makes my job of host so much easier. But the most special part of Adele, and her spiritual journeys, is that every person in the group shines. I watch the transformation of the people over the days; it is like watching a tight rose bud opening into a full, soft, scented bloom . She guides, encourages and safely takes you deep into your heart to discover the truth that so many have forgotten. Adele is Pure Love.
You know the feeling, when you meet someone and you instantly fall in love with the energy, the laughter, the heart and the pureness of that person. Exactly what was happening when we first met Adele Venneri. We were only neighbors for a while in Rennes-le-Château but we definitely were a Family. Sometimes it’s just like “meeting again”, although you just met. We never will forget the stunning conversations and the deep and meaningful time together. We are absolutely sure that we will have a lot more of this “coming together again” in the future.


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