Adele Venneri was born in Italy on October 9, 1962 under the sign ruled by Venus. His mediumistic abilities date back to his childhood when, entering in contact with the etheric dimensions, he began to observe the material body in its immortal nature.

Alchemist writer. Professional counsellor in humanistic psychology with specialization in Gestalt. Expert in transpersonal and archetypal psychotherapy. Flower therapist. Multifaceted researcher. Her knowledge ranges from mythology to shamanism, from Chinese medicine to psycho-corporeal therapies. Her innate evocative, narrative and poetic pen, activates in the reader a natural metamorphosis. 

Creator and Founder of the School of Creation, a school of thought based on a Concrete Spirituality, namely the essential alchemy that along the Way of the Rose leads to self-remembrance.  

Pioneer of the New Consciousness of Mary Magdalene, understood not only like a historical figure, but primarily as an archetype of the soul. She is known for her Experiential Holidays in places of high vibratory quality. From Aconcagua to Machu Picchu, from the Island of Montecristo to Iceland, from Montsegur to Montserrat, from Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer to Rennes-le-Château. From the unknown to the known self.

On March 1, 2022, she has a near-death experience in which, accompanied by the “voice”, she meets her maternal lineage. For twelve months she works steadily transcribing her experience in detail. On April 9, 2023 the THREE EMME was thus born: the method of self-awareness for which Adele Venneri is messenger.  

She lives in Spain and offers individual and group courses, presential and online. She lectures in Italy and abroad, and her works are translated and published in various countries around the world. 

Spreading the THREE EMME is the ultimate goal of her life. 


The Magdalene Frequency with the preface of Gian Marco Bragadin, writer, former publisher and pioneer in Italy of the dissemination of the figure of Mary Magdalene.

Il Codice dell’Origine (Italian version) El Código del Origen (Spanish version) with the preface of Antón Ponce de León Paiva, writer, philanthropist, Andean master and profound connoisseur of the Murian solar tradition.

TRE EMME La Via delle Tre Madri (Italian version) TRES EMES La Vía de las Tres Madres (Spanish version) with the epilogue by Stefano Scrimieri, coordinator of the School of Creation, quantum researcher, psychoastrologer.

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